Ex-SEAL who says he fired final bin Laden shot calls Trump’s military parade ‘third-world b——-‘

    (CNN)The previous Navy SEAL who declares he fired the shot that eliminated Osama bin Laden is blasting President Donald Trump’s desire for a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    O’Neill became part of the military operation purchased by President Barack Obama that eliminated the al Qaeda leader in 2011. He likewise has actually been a visitor host on a preferred early morning program of Trump’s, “Fox &&copains,” and dined with the President at the White House in 2015.
    Reports emerged Tuesday that Trump asked the Pentagon for a parade that would equal France’s Bastille Day event that he participated in 2015. Defense Secretary James Mattis stated Wednesday that the Pentagon is preparing choices for a possible military parade to send out to the White House for a choice.
        O’Neill’s is simply one voice in a chorus of issues and criticism from veterans, previous military leaders and legislators about the proposed parade. Some are anxious over possibly high expenses, while others question Trump’s intentions and argue that such a parade recollects display screens of military power by authoritarian programs such as North Korea or Russia.
        The last significant military parade kept in the United States remained in 1991 under President George HW Bush to commemorate triumph in the Gulf War.

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