Eating popcorn during ‘A Quiet Placeis the most terrifying thing you can do

    Hello. Your popcorn is extremely loud.
    Image: critical images

    Keep your popcorn, and your Whoppers, and your crunchy-as-hell nachos from the theater this weekend. S'il vous plaît.

    John Krasinski’s thriller A Quiet Place debuted Friday and has actually stunned film goers into stomach-grumbling silence. The movie’s plot (no spoilers) focuses on a young household’s effort to endure in a world taken control of by sound-sensitive beasts who hunt by sound.

    The story indicates much of the movie is nerve-wrackingly quiet, magnifying every real-life noise. That has actually left everyone who purchased theater food frightened that a beast is going to rip their face off. And left everyone sitting beside somebody munching on popcorn really irritated.