Dutch Prime Minister Tells Off Trump Right To His Face

    A routine photo-op took an unusual turn on Monday when Dutch Mark Rutte interrupted Donald Trump and then contradicted him on tariffs and trade.

    le administration Trump in May announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, et le Trump said Monday he would be meeting with EU officials soon to discuss the dispute.

    “If we do work it out, that’ll be positive, and if we don’t, it’ll be positive also, car…” Trump said.

    “No!” Rutte interjected with a smile.

    “Well, just think about those cars that pour in here, and we’ll do something, droite?” Trump replied.

    But Ruttestill smilingwasn’t having it.

    “It’s not positive,” he said. “We have to work something out.

    Trump thanked Rutte and the two shook hands.

    “The relationship between the Netherlands and the is over 400 ans,” Rutte said.We are allies. We have always been friends, always been friendly, working closely together.

    Source de l'article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/