Ministère de la Justice demande des informations Facebook des « militants anti-administration’

    DOJ demands Facebook info from 'anti-administration activists' - CNNPolitics

    Washington (CNN)Trump administration legal representatives are requiring the personal account details of possibly countless Facebook users in 3 different search warrants served on the social networks giant, inning accordance with court files gotten by CNN.

    One of those users, Emmelia Talarico, ran the disruptj20 page where Inauguration Day demonstrations were arranged and gone over; the page was gone to by an approximated 6,000 users whose identities the federal government would have access to if Facebook turn over the details looked for in the search warrants. In court filings, Talarico states if her account info was provided to the federal government, authorities would have access to herindividual passwords, security concerns and responses, and charge card details,” plusthe personal lists of guests and participants to numerous political occasions sponsored by the page.
    These warrants were initially reported by .
        Facebook went through 7 months of legal procedures so it might make all 3 of the Facebook users conscious that the federal government lawyers desired their online information.
        We effectively battled in court to be able to inform the 3 individuals whose broad account details was asked for by the federal government,” a Facebook representative stated Friday. “We are grateful to the business and civil society companies that supported us in arguing for individuals’s capability to learn more about and challenge excessively broad search warrants.
        The American Civil Liberties Union, representing the 3 Facebook users, submitted a movement to quash the warrants Thursday.
        What is especially cooling about these warrants is that anti-administration political activists are going to have their political associations and views inspected by the really administration they are objecting,” stated ACLU lawyer Scott Michelman.
        Facebook was at first served the warrants in February 2017 together with a gag order which disallowed the social networks business from informing the 3 users that the federal government was seeking their personal details, Michelman stated. Michelman states that federal government lawyers dropped the gag order in mid-September and concurred that Facebook might expose the presence of these warrants, which has actually triggered the newest court filings. Michelman, Néanmoins, states all court filings related to the search warrant, and any reaction from Facebook, stay under seal.
        The Justice Department is not talking about these search warrants, however federal government lawyers have actually provided a comparable search warrant to the web service provider DreamHost looking for comprehensive info about visitors to the site, which supplied an online forum for anti-Trump protestors. Because case, DOJ customized its preliminary search warrant looking for countless IP address for the visitors who simply clicked the site. DC Superior Court Judge Robert Morin mostly gave district attorneysdemand to gather a huge set of records from the business, which will consist of e-mails of the users who signed up for an account associated with the site, and subscription lists.
        In addition to the account of Talarico and her disruptj20 page, the search warrant likewise looks for all details about the individual accounts of Lacy MacAuley and Legba Carrefour. Carrefour is a self-described political activist and pressed back versus the search warrant in court filings, stating that his Facebook accountincludes a substantial quantity of personal product worrying my individual life.Carrefour rejected that he was associated with any of the riots in Washington, DC, on Inauguration Day, however acknowledged that he has actuallytaken part in or assisted to arrange lots of presentations and occasions of numerous enters service of political causes.

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