les centres commerciaux de la Californie partagent des données de suivi de la plaque d'immatriculation avec ICE

    A chain of California shopping mall is sharing its license plate reader information with a widely known (ICE) specialist, considering that firm the capability to track license plate numbers it records in near real-time.

    UNE report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation exposed that realty group Irvine Company shares that information with Vigilant Solutions, a personal security tech business that offers automated license plate acknowledgment (ALPR) devices to police and federal government companies. Irvine Company owns almost 50 shopping mall throughout California with places in Irvine, La Jolla, Newport Beach, Redwood City, San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. ICE settled its agreement with Vigilant Solutions in January of this year .

    EFF investigative scientist Dave Maass found Irvine Company’s data-sharing activities in a page detailing its ALPR policy , a disclosure needed by California law. Paradoxically, while Irvine Company’s ALPR use and personal privacy policy does explain its own practice of erasing the license information it gathers when sent, it confesses that it performs in truth send all of it directly to Vigilant Solutions, which has no such qualms.

    As Vigilant explains, the crucial offering in itsinnovative suiteof license reading tech is unconfined access to a huge chest of license plate information:

    A trademark of Vigilants option, the capability for firms to share real-time information across the country among over 1,000 companies and take advantage of our special business LPR database of over 5 billion automobile detections, sets our platform apart.

    Irvine Company is just one example of this type of information sharing, however it highlights the universality of the type of independently owned modern-day monitoring innovation at the fingertips of anybody ready to spend for it. While we’re most likely to see more state-level legal obstacles to certify plate tracking innovation, in the meantime the effective pairing of license plate numbers and place information is primarily level playing field for anybody who wishes to generate income off gathering and aggregating it.

    Source de l'article: https://techcrunch.com