Blind date: She thinks Im a sad, naive hipster

    Did 24-year-old trainee Tom and headhunter Willow, 23, struck it off?

    Tom on Willow

    What were you expecting?
    A story for my pals to humiliate me with at celebrations.

    First impressions?
    She was beautiful, because uncomplicated, elegant method.

    What did you speak about?
    Older guys, Jerry Springer , how we see our professions, the Guyliners blog site .

    Any uncomfortable minutes?
    When I informed her she looked older than she was, most likely.

    Good table good manners?
    Perfect: far much better than mine.

    Best aspect of Willow?
    She has a great deal of self-confidence and plainly understands exactly what she desires from life.

    Would you present her to your pals?
    She would dislike my good friends.

    Describe her in 3 words
    Deactivating, fully grown, material.

    What do you believe she made from you?
    An unfortunate, ignorant hipster who does not comprehend the worth of cash.

    Did you go on someplace?
    Just to television station.

    Et … did you kiss?

    If you could alter something about the night, exactly what would it be?
    Somebody with whom I had more in typical. It was a beautiful night, however the chat was mainly courteous.

    Marks from 10?

    Would you reunite?
    She has my number, so the balls in her court.

    Willow on Tom

    What were you wishing for?
    A stunning guy, and a flirt.

    First impressions?
    I seemed like he was interviewing me for the very first 10 minutes.

    What did you discuss?
    University, profession courses, Jerry Springer. I believe I angered him by stating I do not like east London, where he lives.

    Any uncomfortable minutes?
    I informed him hes 10 years below men I typically date.

    Good table good manners?
    Hes a teetotal vegan, so I had all the food and wine.

    Best feature of Tom?
    Hes really friendly.

    Would you present him to your pals?
    I do not believe theyd get on.

    Describe him in 3 words
    Friendly, high, eccentric.

    What do you believe he made from you?
    He provided me his number, so perhaps didnt believe I was insane.

    Did you go on someplace?
    He recommended choosing a beverage, however I pleasantly decreased.

    Et … did you kiss?
    We hugged a little awkwardly.

    If you could alter something about the night, exactly what would it be?
    It would be with another person.

    Marks from 10?

    Would you reunite?

    Willow and Tom consumed at Bala Baya , London SE1

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