Bam Margera Is A Father! The Jackass Star Shares First Hospital Photo Of Son Phoenix Wolf!

    Doing insane things on Jackass et Viva La Bam is HALF as wild as the trip

    Margera and his other half, Nicole , invited their very first kid into the world over night and Margera revealed the birth on Saturday with an Instagram photo from the healthcare facility!!

    So terrific!!

    Ch-ch-check out the image highlights (énumérés ci-dessous)!!!

    Phoenix wolf Un poste partagé par Bam Margera (@bam__margera)on Dec 23, 2017 à 5:36 am PST


    Aussi, Bam’s daddy Phil remained in your home, hanging out and hanging out with the household also(énumérés ci-dessous):

    Phil Un poste partagé par Bam Margera (@bam__margera) on Dec 23, 2017 à 5:47 am PST

    So terrific!

    Congrats on the newborn, Bam and Nicole!

    Enjoy the WILD trip!!

    [image par QUAND ]

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