Avril Lavigne Announced A New Album, So Get Ready To Relive Your Angsty Teen Years

    It’s time to get those white tanks and ties from your closet, kiddos. Avril is back with more music for your listening satisfaction and we are completely here for it. Avril Lavigne’s brand-new album is coming quickly and she has a sweet message for fans about exactly what she’s been dealing with. The Canadian rocker required to social networks to fill everybody in.

    To my fans,

    I simply wish to thank everybody for their persistence as I deal with creating this brand-new album. It’s been a long healing and I wish to ensure that this is ideal for you people !! You just deserve my best shot which’s exactly what I’m going to provide! I cannot wait to share the brand-new music I’m dealing with, I guarantee it’ll be here prior to you understand it !!

    Love you,


    Aaaand the middle schooler in all people is shouting. Avril hasn’t launched a brand-new album given that 2013’s self-titled. In December of in 2015, the singer/songwriter got her fans pumped when she revealed she was dealing with brand-new music and would be putting out something brand name brand-new in 2017.

    Avril has actually been through a lot over the previous couple of years she’s been fighting Lyme Disease , along with raising awareness for the cause through her Foundation.


    Back in 2015 après 2 années de relation conjugale, she and frontman chose to break up . Avril was formerly wed to Sum 41’s .

    It’s been a long roadway to brand-new Avril jams however we’re sure it will be well worth the wait. The next album will be the 6th for the , who has actually been chosen for 8 over her profession. The pop-punker even assisted compose Kelly Clarkson’s hit tuneBreakaway. ” The more you understand.

    We want Avril the very best with whatever she’s going through and cannot wait to hear her brand-new things. Pendant ce temps, we’ll be preparing by paying attention to her old tunes on repeat.

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