American Horror Story’s Season 8 To Be Highly Buzzed About Coven/Murder House Crossover!

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    1 + 3 does not = 8. Unless you’re

    Oui, he’s lastly making great (or evil?) on combining Murder House avec and for a season earlier than anticipated! The 3rd and very first installation of Murphy’s scary anthology are fan favorites, so exactly what’s there to lose?

    bien, perhaps a plot line occasionally, however hey! Confusion is frightening!

    Murphy himself revealed the news Thursday afternoon through Gazouillement , composing:

    This naturally led to an instant choir of YASSSSSSSSSS from fans:

    We’ve definitely had our doubts when it concerns crossovers, however this piece of news may also be Halloween sweet to the seriesmost diehard of fans.

    Will U be seeing? Entendons-nous dans les commentaires (énumérés ci-dessous)!

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