Alexa has literally lost her voice as users report outages and unresponsiveness

    ’ s wise assistant appears to be today. nous’ ve been hearing reports over the last hour of either postponed actions or simply overall loss of connection.

    While Amazon doesnt have a status page for its customer items, Down Detector is reporting a substantial spike in Alexa-related grievances over the last hour.

    Par exemple, Alexa is offering me responds like “ je ’ m not exactly sure exactly what failed”, “ sorry, something failed ”, or a loud chime followed bysorry, your echo dot lost its connectionand the red ring of unhappiness. The issue seems connected to Alexa’ s acknowledgment servers, as its happening throughout both native gadgets like an Echo and 3rd celebration gadgets running Alexa like the Sonos One.

    Some Alexa services still work if you access them through the Alexa app. For a supreme example of very first world issues, Je ne pourrais pas’ t turn on my lights today with Alexa, however I was ultimately able to by hand toggle them on and off by utilizing the Alexa iPhone app (due to the fact that there was no was I was really strolling over to them and flexing down to the flooring switch).

    We hope Alexa feels much better quicklyplus, il’ s hard to miss out on the paradox herethinking about Amazon simply ran a Super Bowl advertising campaign a couple of weeks ago where Alexalost her voice ”.

    nous’ ve connected to Amazon and will upgrade this when we get more details.

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