Un zoo est accusé de peindre un âne et le présenter comme un zèbre

    black paint

    (CNN)It offers brand-new significance to the expressiona wolf in sheep’s clothes.Or in this case, a donkey in zebra stripes.

    Mahmoud Sarhan, 18, stated he was going to a recently-opened animal sanctuary at the International Garden local park when he identified an unusual looking animal.
    Sarhan stated numerous aspects of the animal stood apart and made him suspicious. le had actually melted on the donkey’s face and the ears didn’t appear like the best size for a zebra, il a déclaré.
      In the picture, he’s presenting beside the animal, looking bemused. He composed in Arabic: “The stupidity has actually reached in the nation that they brought a regional donkey and painted it to appear like a zebra.
      Delcianna Winders
      le of Gardens Project in has actually rejected the reports that they had actually attempted to pass off the donkey as a zebra.
      The zebra is genuine and not painted,” Mohammed Sultan informed Egypt’s Youm 7 news channel.
      Sultan included that the animals are well looked after and are checked routinely to guarantee their well-being.
      After examining the images, a leader with the animal activist group disagreed that this animal was well looked after.
      No credible animal care center would subject a skittish animal like a donkey to the tension of being limited and sprayed with chemicals like , which might trigger an unpleasant allergy, and PETA hopes that Cairo authorities are totally examining this matter,” Vice President informed CNN in a declaration.
        Pretty sure that’s not a lion
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      This isn’t really the very first time a zoo has actually aimed to pull the wool over visitor’s eyes.
      Dans 2013, a zoo in China outraged guests by aiming to pass off a hairy pet dog as a lion. And thelioneven barked.

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