8-Year-Old Japanese Girl étourdit Robert Plant par clouage Led Zeppelin partie de batterie

    An 8-year-old Japanese woman is taking the web by storm after nailing among the most difficult drum parts in the Led Zeppelin brochure.

    She even won appreciation from rock god Robert Plant .

    The video published on reveals Yoyoka Soma intensely and precisely playing the late s drum part inGood Times Bad Times, ” the very first tune on the bands eponymous launching album. She sent the clip to the Hit Like A Girl drum contest, where she composed in her entry that Bonham was among her preferred drummers.

    My dream is to be the very best drummer on the planet , ” Yoyoka composed in the description of a Vimeo clip.

    Yoyoka started playing drums at 2, carrying out openly at 4 and now has more than 100 gigs under her belt , NPR reported. She was likewise a part of her households band, Kaneaiyoyoka.

    The video was published online previously this year, however went viral last month which triggered Plant to take notification.

    How wonderful , ” he stated on the CBC Radio programQ. ” “ And the important things is, il ’ s like falling off a log for her. ”

    In a clip published online by the network, Plant was all smiles as he enjoyed Yoyoka play .

    &ldquo ; Cette ’ s a technically actually tough thing to do, ” Plant stated. “ I believe he ’d [John Bonham] be surprised. I believe he ’d be so chuffed. Il ’ s fantastic. ”

    Bonham was commonly thought about among the best drummers in rock history. Wanderer ranked him top . When Ultimate Classic Rock ranked Zeppelin drum parts, it putGood Times Bad Timesin the second area, calling it more proof of Bonhams superhuman status :

    The very first track on Zeppelins very first album is well-known for Bonhams usage of 2 16th-note triplets in the beat, lequel

    was motivated by Carmine Appices drumming in Vanilla Fudge. What Bonham didnt understand was that Appice was utilizing a double kick drum, so he discovered a method to train his ideal foot to do it by itself. ”

    Yuki Ogawa, likewise of Japan, won the Hit Like A Girl contest in the under

    18 classification, pour this efficiency ofUnebi Mizuyama by the band Tenchi Garaku.

    ( h / t Nerdist )

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