Su Películas más nuevo huésped Cable News Es … Rachel Maddow

    March Maddow-ness.

    ’ s dismissed Fox News last month to take the title of most-watched cable television news host.

    De acuerdo a figures from Forbes , kipped down its best-ever efficiency with approximately 3.058 million audiences, compared with Hannity’ s 3 millón.

    She likewise beat him amongst those aged 25-to-54 the group marketers most yearn for with a typical viewership from that group of 671,000 compared to 616,000 for Hannity.

    Those are undoubtedly tight margins, however offered Hannitys long streak atop the charts simply a month previously Forbes hailed him asthe unequaled King of Cable News ” eso ’ s a considerable success for Maddow.

    Nielsen scores supplied to HuffPost differ a little from the Forbes figures, however report the very same outcomes Maddows March viewership edged out Hannity general and amongst the essential market.

    De acuerdo a Adweeks TELEVISION Newser, Maddows viewership numbers have actually been strong throughout the years very first quarter. For the duration from Jan. 1 through March 31, she pulled a bigger typical audience than Hannity amongst the 25-to 54 year-olds.

    Hannity, sin embargo, had the bigger total viewership throughout the quarter (the Fox News audience typically alters older than competitors like CNN).

    CNN ’ s top-ranked host, Anderson Cooper, ranked a remote 10th amongst the 25-to-54 age, and lower still for total viewership, inning accordance with the Adweek quarterly figures.

    MSNBC has actually delighted in a scores rise of late thanks to its position as a progressive foil to President Donald Trump . Its leading 3 primetime hosts Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence ODonnell have actually jointly branded themselvesThe Resistance. ”

    En general, sin embargo, Fox News stays the countrys go-to cable television news network. Fox hosts owned 6 of the leading 10 most-watched cable television news programs in 2018 ′ s very first quarter, per Adweek . And the network has actually owned the title of most-watched for all its programs for 65 successive quarters because 2002.