In case you blinked and missed it, Kanye West is back completely force. With his return, he’s appealing brand-new music! New viewpoint ! And brand-new fash whattttt the fuck are THOSE?

    No, actually, what really is that piece of clear plastic (encima) strapped onto a lady’s foot?

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    From the appearances of it, this Cinder-yeezy belongs of Kanye’s brand-new Yeezy models he shared on Gorjeo Friday.

    But due to the fact that this thing looks more like the plastic tray utilized to show shoes than it does a real shoe, some users believed (hoped) the rap artist was simply trolling.

    If thisstyleis legitimate, Y’s certainly going to require Kim Kardashian West ‘s aid selling this one since the actions are vicious!

    See exactly what individuals needed to state about the abuse gadget (se enumeran a continuación).