abogado de Trump: Presidente no vio correo electrónico hasta Trump Jr. liberado

    (CNN)Jay Sekulow, a lawyer representing President Donald Trump, stated Tuesday that Trump was not conscious his boy was provided info in 2015 supposedly from Russia.

    The President, by the method, never ever saw an e-maildid not see the e-mailup until it was seen today,” Sekulow stated, describing Donald Trump Jr.’s disclosure of the e-mail thread on Twitter quickly prior to a Times story including the very same details was released.
    So I wish to be clear on that,” que incluye.
        The e-mail chain divulged by Trump Jr. revealed e-mails from Rob Goldstone, a music press agent, describing possibly destructive info on Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian effort to boost Trump’s project.
        Sekulow stated it made no sense that Trump Jr. or anybody else at the conference, which happened in June 2016, would have notified Trump about it.
        Why would you do that?” Sekulow asked.
        At the conference and copied on the e-mail thread were Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House advisor, and Paul Manafort, then the chair of the Trump project.
        Sekulow included that in his view Trump Jr.’s actions were legal, though he appeared to enable that they may not have actually been a good idea in retrospection.
        We can take a look at it and state a half and a year back, or a year earlier, in the middle of a project, would you, should have, could you?” Sekulow stated. “That’s actually simple to state a year later on.
        Tapper kept in mind Trump’s relative peaceful about the story including his kid and Russia, consisting of an absence of tweets about the problem as the story has actually unfolded. Asked if Trump was not tweeting at the recommendations of counsel, Sekulow rejected using Trump legal suggestions about Twitter however decreased to obtain into specifics about his discussions with the President.
        We’re not informing the President what to tweet or not tweet,” Sekulow stated. “Nobody wishes to see their kid going through this.

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