This weatherman’s reaction to the solar eclipse is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day

    Monday’s overall solar belonged to a ’s Super Bowl a truth that was definitely not lost on one Chicago weatherman.

    Tom Skilling, chief meteorologist for WGN-TV , took a trip to Carbondale, Ill. to see the solar eclipse in its course of totality, (his very first solar eclipse, BTW) and his response was really valuable.


    I’ll get my act together men,” a choked up Skilling informed audiences through tears.

    He even hugged and high-fived fellow eclipse watchers, y led a chorus ofHere Comes the Sun.

    If that does not melt your ice cold heart, truthfully absolutely nothing will.

    Twitter liked the meteorologist’s pure response a lot, he was even trending Monday.

    Skilling informed fellow Carbondale eclipse watchers he would be back for the next one in 2024. Here’s hoping Skilling’s response will be similarly as invaluable.

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