There’s a lot you may have missed in Donald Glover’s ‘This Is Americawe’ve got you covered

    Donald Glover premiered 2 brand-new tunes on Sábado noche en directo this weekend, and while he was on phase, he likewise dropped a video for among the songs — “ Esta es America .”

    The video, choreographed by Sherrie Silver and directed by Hiro Murai, has actually a lot jammed into it for a four-minute video. It’s a skillfully packaged analysis of exactly what’s actually taking place in the United States. Here’s exactly what you may have missed out on:

    1. That’s not Trayvon Martin’s father

    Algunos Twitter users at first thought the male playing guitar at the start of the video was Tracy Martindaddy of Trayvon Martin, the young kid who was eliminated by George Zimmerman en 2012. Ends up it’s really Calvin II, an artist based in Los Angeles. You can pay attention to more of his work @CalvinTheII .