Hay un artista de la calle genio anda suelto en las calles, Y esperemos que nadie lo atrapa (30+ nuevas fotos)

    Tom Bob (previamente aquí) refuses to simply live in the world. He’s reshaping it. Creating clever street art on common objects in the urban landscape, he’s perfectly personalizing his boring surroundings.

    Whether it’s turning a pipe into an anteater or transforming a fire hydrant into Princess Leia, there’s nothing he can’t do. Usually, Tom Bob operates in NYC, but sometimes he unleashes his creativity elsewhere as well. Those include Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), and other places all over the world. Scroll down to check out the newest from Tom Bob and upvote your favorite pieces.

    Sobre el autor: http://www.boredpanda.com/