The Sandlot Cast Reunited After 25 Years And One Actor Got SUPER HOT!

    Yeah-Yeah? More like “Sí! Sí!” Ha!

    In event of a quarter century of The Sandlot sí, the kid classic came out all the method back in 1993 the cast reunited on The Today Show Thursday.

    It was terrific to see all the mangy kids you liked all matured however one had actually grown a bit more than the rest

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    Marty York , who played lil’AlanYeah-YeahMcClennan, got huge and enthusiast! He appears like he’s been GTL-ing for twenty years!

    See Yeah-Yeah, Squints, Smalls, and the rest of the gang gathering for a little ball time(se enumeran a continuación)!

    [imagen a través NBC .]

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