The physics behind NASCAR, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Ex Barack , George W. , and Bill all got together on Thursday to see a great, peaceful video game of .

    los 3 were all smiles and sat together throughout the Presidents Cup golf competition in Jersey City, New Jersey, snapping selfies and hamming it up with the crowd.

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    Missing from the occasion was existing President Donald , who is anticipated to go to the competition on Sunday . We ‘d anticipate absolutely nothing less from a male who slammed Obama for playing golf throughout his time in workplace, however has actually because gone to golf courses 60 times as president, playing a minimum of 24 veces .

    Independientemente, these men had a good time!

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    While the absence of Trump at the competitors isn’t really always a dig at the existing president, the previous presidents have actually formerly united to raise financing for relief efforts after Harvey, without Trump.

    Imagen: ANDREW GOMBERT/EPA-EFE/REX/ Shutterstock

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