The Brits behind the Thai cave boys search


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    epígrafe medios The minute scuba divers find the missing out on kids

    The very first voice 12 young Thai footballers and their coach heard after 9 days caught in caverns was that of Briton John Volanthen.

    How numerous of you?” he asked. “Thirteen? Fantastic.

    It implied that, lastly, they had actually been discovered.

    Mr Volanthen and Richard Stanton remained in the cavern after being contacted by Thai authorities in addition to another British caving specialist, Robert Harper.

    The trio showed up in 3 days after the football group went missing out on.

    Mas que 1,000 individuals have actually been associated with the operation, from all over the world.

    Bill Whitehouse los derechos de autor de imagen AFP/
    Captura de imagen (Left to right) Richard Stanton, Robert Harper and John Volanthen

    The British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC) – the body for voluntary underground rescue in the British Islesstated it has actually touched with the British scuba divers considering that their return.

    , the council’s vice , stated the males had actually explained the dive asgnarlyin an e-mail, suggesting there were issues and problems.

    It was a three-hour big salami, including a 1.5 km passage, partially flooded and partially open, he informed ’s Breakfast.


    On hearing the young boys had actually been discovered, Mr Whitehouse stated: “It was truly rather a minute, I can inform you.

    sin embargo, he stated thatminute of blissfor the scuba divers and the kids would have been followed by: “Now exactly what?”


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    epígrafe medios Bill Whitehouse of the British Cave Rescue Council has actually been in touch with the scuba divers

    What do we understand about the trio?

    Mr Volanthen and Mr Stanton become part of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team.

    Both John and Rick have actually been associated with a great variety of saves for many years, and they’ve both got a terrible great deal of individual know-how to require to Thailand,” the group’s chairman, Gary Mitchell, fijado .

    En en 2010 the set became part of a group which tried to save a caught scuba diver .

    Mr Stanton, a retired firemen from Coventry, was likewise associated with the rescue of 6 British cavers in Mexico in 2004.

    Getty Images los derechos de autor de imagen Coventry Live
    Captura de imagen Richard Stanton was made an MBE in acknowledgment of his cavern diving rescue services

    During that rescue Mr Stanton had the ability to convince among the groupwho was horrified of waterto make a 180-metre dive from the cavern, the West Midlands Fire Service stated.

    En un 2007 entrevista , he stated he ended up being thinking about diving after seeing a program calledUnderground Eigeras a kid. He signed up with caving and diving clubs at university.

    Speaking to the BBC in 2004 he explained the problems of browsing caverns: “When individuals arrived at the moon they had a map, they understood where they were going however in a cavern if you’re beyond the recognized limitation of the cavern, no one understands where it goes, you never ever understand exactly what will take place round the corner.

    Mr Stanton was made an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List at the end of 2012 for his cavern diving rescue services.

    media interest los derechos de autor de imagen Linh Pham/Getty Images
    Captura de imagen John Volanthen belongs to the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team

    Mr Volanthen is an IT expert based in Bristol however who matured in Brighton.

    He began caving as a scout. Speaking with the Sunday Times in 2013 , he stated cavern rescue needs a calm head.

    Panic and adrenaline are excellent in specific circumstanceshowever not in cave-diving,” él afirmó. “The last thing you desire is any adrenaline whatsoever.

    se incluyó: “Eso [cavern diving] resembles that puzzle with the grain, the chicken and the fox. It’s not unsafe if you do it right.

    De acuerdo a an online profile , Mr Volanthen runs ultra-marathons and marathons. He joked thathe just runs so he can consume more biscuits”.

    His mom Jill stated she feltoutright prideover her child’s function in the rescue effort in Thailand.

    New Year's Day

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    epígrafe medios Jill Volanthen applauds her child’s participation in the rescue efforts

    Martyn Farr, a good friend of both Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen, explained them ascalm, really gathered, extremely organised and incredibly disciplined, skilled specialists.

    Jon Whiteley, for the Devon Cave Rescue Organisation, stated the males weredanger averse peoplewho wereat the top of their video game”.

    He likewise stated they were simple and regardless of the would wish toreturn to their typical lives, typical day tasks and their households”.

    En 2012, both guys got a Royal Humane Society medal at Buckingham Palace , in acknowledgment of their rescue effort in France.

    The 3rd British specialist, Robert Harper, has actually been caving considering that 1968.

    online profile los derechos de autor de imagen Getty Images/ Barcroft Media
    Captura de imagen Richard Stanton and John Volanthen at the surface area swimming pool of Pozo Azul, Spain

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