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    air force one

    It'' s a high minute for low-brow commentary.
    Imagen: Barcroft Media through Getty Images

    We have couple of minutes of happiness in this dark timeline of ours. los infant blimp is among them.

    The huge diaper clad-blimp set sail in London today as Trump took a seat for a conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Over in Germany, ZDF’s Heute-Show, a satirical news program, modified press pictures of Trump to change the president with pictures of his blimp.

    It’s exceptionally low-brow, deeply silly, and extremely excellent.

    There’s Trump-baby leaving Air Force One:

    Trump-baby walking together with the prime minister:

    Trump-baby on the world phase:

    And Trump-baby going over the concerns of the day:

    I’m not going to be totally pleased with this series up until somebody includes an edit of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly altering Trump-baby’s diaper.

    Internet, get on it.

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