‘Stranger Things 3adds unexpected ’80s movie alum

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    Stranger Things 3 is developing a cast which now consists of The Princess Bride star Cary Elwes. Elwes and Jake Busey will sign up with the team in Hawkins for Season 3 of the hit program.

    According to a Netflix news release, Elwes will play thegood-looking, slick, and sleazyMayor Kline; un “ traditional ’ 80s political leadermore worried with his own image than with individuals of the village he governs.

    Intriguing, and definitely a description fitting of the Season’s de facto bad guyapart from the looming Shadow Monster, naturally.

    Elwes, like Sean Astin and Paul Reiser in Season 2, signs up with the program as a popular alum of a popular ’80s movie. Busey will play a regional reporter withdoubtful morals and an ill funny bone.

    Something informs us that may not play well with Mayor Klineat the same time, el 2 might sign up with forces to challenge Will Byers and his good friends while they aim to conserve their town from the Upside Down.

    Stranger Things 3 is presently recording.

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