Impactante anuncio del arma de Georgia a gobernador Candidato Brian Kemp Backfire

    Negative remarks have actually drizzled down on a pro-gun political advertisement by questionable Georgia gubernatorial prospect Brian Kemp where the Republican points a shotgun at a boy allegedly thinking about dating among Kemps children as the teenager proclaims ahealthy gratitudefor the Second Amendment.

    Viewers are requiring that an tv station stop running it. We are weapon owners and we are annoyed , ” one informed Atlanta affiliate 11 Alive. Kemp is presently Georgias secretary of state.

    “ yo ’ m a conservative business owner with a four-point strategy to put industrious Georgians initially, ” Kemp stated in a tweet Friday when he revealed the advertisement . ” yo ’ m likewise the happy daddy of 3 teenage women. aquí’ s the important things: If you wish to date among my children, you much better have regard for ladies and a healthy gratitude for the Second Amendment. ”

    While his shotgun isdamagednot able and open to fire as the advertisement begins, he closes it up at the end and intends it at the young boy, which audiences discovered specifically troubling, especially in the wake of school shooting deaths. Other weapons lean versus the wall in Kemp’ s “ research studyin the advertisement.

    Some audiences took Kemp’ s “ aw shucksmindset in the advertisement as an effort at down-home humor (or anaudition ” para “ Saturday Night Live ”-RRB- and discovered it amusing. Many individuals reacting on Facebook y Youtube were frightened that Kemp appeared to be threatening a small with a weapon.

    After kids have actually lost their life to gunfire you set there tumbling around a weapon with a small. Guau, ” composed one audience on Facebook.


    Brian Kemp/
    Republican Brian Kemp points a shotgun atJakeon his political advertisement for the Georgia guv’s race.

    Another called itall sorts of silly. ” Others raged that Kemp appeared to strengthen unfavorable stereotypes about Georgia.

    Kemp hadnt yet safeguarded the advertisement by late Monday. He directed an on Facebook to his .

    Atlanta TV-11 released a declaration Monday stating that, regardless of an attack of problems about the advertisement, it cant be eliminated or modified due to the fact that the ’ s “ political broadcast guidelines forbid tv stations from declining or modifying political marketing from any lawfully certified prospect. ”

    Kemp is among 7 GOP prospects wanting to change Republican Gov. . The fight amongst them for Georgias gun-toting citizens is extreme. Previously in April, previous Republican state Sen. Hunter , quien ’ s likewise running in the main, aired an advertisement that revealed him filling a semiautomatic rifle while proposing to reduce the legal age for all gun purchases to 18.

    Not just is Kemp a strong weapon backer, he likewise supports asales tax vacation on weapons. ” He likewise thinks he can get Georgia working. “ I understand exactly what it requires to construct a service– Dios ’ s prefer and effort, ” he composed on Facebook.

    A current survey by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Channel 2 News discovered that 47 percent of most likely Republican main citizens and 90 percent of most likely Democratic citizens desire more stringent weapon laws .

    The main is May 22.