Shep Smith FACT-cheques reciente Amazon afirmación de Trump: ‘Nada de eso era cierto’

    Fox News Shep Smith fasted to catch President Donald Trump martes, who subsequented his series of tweets slamming Amazon with a tirade about how the costs the and American taxpayersbillions of dollars a year. ”

    The president, speaking at the martes, appeared to be describinglast-mile shipments, ” where Amazon, in addition to other shipment giants like Fed Ex and , drop plans off at post workplaces and utilize regional USPS motorists to provide parcels to the door.

    Pero, as Smith mentioned, the postal service, which has actually dealt with profits decreases for several years with the increase of e-mail and less people sending out top-notch mail, states it really earns money by providing bundles for Amazon and other .

    As for taxpayers, ” Smith continued, “ the post workplaces own site explains, and I price quote, ‘ The postal service gets no tax dollars for business expenses. ’ ” En lugar, the servicedepends on the sale of postage, services and items to money its operations. ”

    USPS is referred to as a partly independent firm, or a quasi-governmental company, as The Wall Street Journal explained. Much of its monetary issues for many years have actually originated from altering customer habits and a 2006 required from that the service prepay advantages for future retired staff members, inning accordance with NPR .

    Todavía, Trump declared Amazon was accountable for the post workplaces monetary problems. se incluyó, “ A report simply came out. They stated$1.47, I think, or about that for each time they provide a plan, el , implying the post workplace, loses$1.47. ”

    Smith fact-checked Trump some more, stating the number the president pointed out likely originated from a research study launched in 2015 that revealed the postal service was charging$1.46 listed below market rates for bundle shipment.

    But our scientists explain, if that discount rate exists, eso ’ s not simply for Amazon its a bulk rate discount rate, ” él afirmó.

    Turning to Fox News press reporter John Roberts, Smith continued, “ There is a lot of confusion or something here concerning Amazon and the post workplace due to the fact that none of that held true. ”

    Take a take a look at Smiths action in the video above.