Sheeran se detiene concierto para el baño – dos veces

    Cardiff los derechos de autor de imagen Principality Stadium
    Captura de imagen Ed Sheeran is the very first artist to play 4 succeeding nights at Principality Stadium

    Ed Sheeran briefly stopped his newest sell-out show on his world trip to go to the toilettwo times.

    The Grammy award winning vocalist stopped his Saturday night embeded in Cardiff due to the fact that herequired a peeafter performing his blockbuster Galway Girl.

    Entonces 3 tunes later on Sheeran dropped in the middle of singing Photograph, indicando “I’m so sorry Cardiffprior to running to the toilet once again. When he returned to the phase, #SIGA

    los 60,000 Principality Stadium crowd cheered.

    The 27-year-old then continued singing where he ended.

    consumed lots of bottles of water early on in the hit-filled set.