Shania Twain Says She Would Have Voted For Donald Trump ‘Because Even Though He Was Offensive He Seemed Honest

    Forget the resurgence Shania’s canceled once again!

    There’s a really in depth, loooooong function in

    At the very end of the long piece, Twain talks existing occasions and politics, and drops this little nugget on us about her outsider (Canadian) views on the 2016 American governmental election and Donald Trump (se enumeran a continuación):

    I would have chosen [Triunfo] porque, although he stank, he appeared truthful. Do you desire courteous or straight? Not that you should not have the ability to have both. I simply do not desire bullshit if I were voting. I would have chosen a sensation that it was transparent. And politics has a track record of not being that, right.

    Nooooooooooo, Shania! Re-think this right away !!!


    [Image through Josiah True/ CUANDO ]

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