su. Kennedy a Mark Zuckerberg: Su acuerdo con usuario chupa

    As Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook testament extends on, a rough exchange with Senator John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana produced a few of the day’s more unforgettable noise bites.

    “Señor. Zuckerberg, I can be found in peace. Me pongo’ t wish to vote to need to control , however by God I will,” su. Kennedy started his brief exchange. “In truth, a great deal of that depends upon you. yo’ m a little dissatisfied in this hearing today, I simply put ont seem like were linking.

    From there Kennedy railed versus Zuckerberg for how Facebook interacted its user information policies with users of the item.

    Your user contract draws,” the Republican senator went on. “The function of that user contract is to cover Facebooks rear end, eso ’ s not to notify your users about their rights. Now you understand that, and I understand that. yo’ m going to recommend to you that you return house and reword it.

    From here on, the exchange with a naturally worn out Zuckerberg was a little rough. Kennedy’s understanding of the Facebook item appeared to be a bit minimal and Zuckerberg’s failure to react with something not starting withSenator, we currentlydidn’t assist.

    The statement continues

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