Sean Hannity is a ‘welfare queen

    (CNN)Sean Hannity is a well-being queen.

    The Guardian discovered that Hannity owns countless dollars of property through more than 20 shell corporations, which protect his identity. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Guardian notes, guaranteed the home loan with which Hannity acquired the residential or commercial properties. Let’s be clear: This is an aid. This is an advantage. This huges federal government helping an extremely rich guy. This is well-being.
    On his state-run media platform, Hannity can be discovered decrying well-being. He as soon as revealed shock as he spoke with a California web surfer and artist who got $189 a month in food stamps, along with federal government medical insurance. Welfare Wave the graphic blasted. En 2012, comic Jon Stewart knocked Hannity for promoting the fiction that President Barack Obama had actually produceda privilege society.
        Sean Hannity’s’bromance’with Trump
      The unsightly well-being stereotypes that Hannity advancesan indolent African-American, a long-haired California hippyfeed the complaints of his audience. Bit do they understand it is really Hannity with his hand in the well-being cookie container.
      He is not alone. Among the greatest well-being queens of all is living big in public real estate at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. By one account , President Donald Trump has actually gotten $885 million in tax breaks from the federal government of New York alone. That does not count the federal goodies Trump scarfs up, most just recently the millions he stands to acquire from the tax cut he signed into law . (We will not understand for sure up until he launches his taxes. My guess is that will take place simply after the hockey video game played in hell.)
      President Ronald Reagan, who promoted the idea of a well-being queen , comprehended the outrage lots of folks feel when individuals who do not require federal government help take it anyhow. “The genuinely clingy,” él afirmó in his 1983 State of the Union Address, “suffer as funds planned for them are taken not by the clingy, however by the greedy.
      Hannity released a declaration Monday: “It is paradoxical that I am being assaulted for investing my individual cash in neighborhoods that terribly require such financial investment and where, I make certain, those assaulting me have actually not invested their cash,” él afirmó. “The reality is, these are financial investments that I do not separately choose, control, or understand the information about; other than that certainly I think in putting my loan to operate in neighborhoods that otherwise have a hard time to get such assistance.
        Cohen’s 3rd customer is Sean Hannity
      Sí, Sean, I’m sure it’s your very own loan. It’s being ensured with taxpayerscash. That’s a federal government aid. Due to the fact that you didn’t desire your hypocrisy exposed, and my guess is you utilized shell corporations to keep your name out of the files.
      Sean Hannity is a great deal of things. Clingy isn’t really among them. Greedy, in President Reagan’s framing, appears more like it. Maybe the program that ensures Hannity’s financial investments is a sensible one. Maybe, por otra parte, it is an inefficient well-being program. That’s not the point. It’s the hypocrisy, silly.
      Hannity is an extremely rich male. Is Donald Trump. It appears that part of the method they prospered was by decrying well-being for bad folks, then getting it on their own. They see their citizens, their audiences, as saps. Stooges. Suckers. As another fantastic huckster stated, there’s one born every minute. And Hannity is chuckling all the method to the bank.

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