Roseanne Reboot Nabbed MASSIVE Ratings During Premiere!

    SoOoOoO, basically EVERYONE tuned into the Roseanne reboot.

    Como we formerly reported , la noche del martes, the precious A B C comedy made its go back to the little screen. Y, per the Nielsen over night scores, A LOT of individuals saw the best.

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    Por “A LOT,” we suggest 18.2 million audiences throughout the hour it aired. DAYUMMMM!

    It most likely assisted that ABC aired back-to-back episodes of the program from 8 a 9 pm. Todavía, per Variety, Roseanne got a 5.1 score in grownups raving from 18 a 49 which is quite freakin’ notable. Por contraste, el super Bowl episode of This Is United States drew a 9.3 and captured 26.97 million audiences.

    Y, Una vez más, NBC had the Super Bowl as the lead in for the unique episode of TIU.

    All we can state is Well done, Roseanne and Co.

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