Presidente Trump mentido más de 3,000 veces en 466 días

    (CNN)los Washington Post’s Fact-Checker blog site has actually been keeping a stringent count of President Donald Trump’s lots of misstatements, untruths and straight-out lies. Y, over the weekend at a rally in Michigan, Trump struck a(nother) turning point: He topped 3,000 deceptive or incorrect declarations in 466 days in workplace.

    The issue with Trump’s fondness for prevarication is that it’s tough to contextualize it. We’ve never ever had a president with such a casual relationship to the fact. We have no count of the number of lies Barack Obama or George W. Bush informed each day because, bien, they weren’t as devoted to stating then duplicating frauds as Trump rather plainly is.
      Schlapp: Press should not state President lies
    In an effort to put some context on simply how typically Trump lies, I searched for a couple of other things we do (or are expected to do) a particular varieties of times each day.
        Comey gets real in CNN Town Hall
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      Fired FBI Director James Comey, in a city center late last month with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, explained the difficulty of rebutting all Trump’s incorrect claims well.
      “(Trump’s) design of discussion was a series of assertions about fantastic things he had actually done. The obstacle I discovered was that they clean over you like a wave as well as if you disagree, the waves keep coming. That is the design, it’s ‘I’m terrific, I’m excellent, I’m excellent.'
      Comey’s point is that if you were going to aim to remedy every exaggeration, distortion or fallacy that came out of Trump’s mouth, you would need to disrupt him on a near-constant basis.
      That obstacle is enhanced if, like me and my buddies at the Post’s Fact Checker website, you belong to the media. Trump has actually invested reams of rhetoric assaulting the media’s trustworthiness that lots of peoplespecifically who chose and/or still support the Presidentthink 100%.
      Asi que, stating that he isn’t really informing the factand he isn’t reallywill not have any impact on how these individuals view him. The more the media fact-checks Trump, the more his advocates think him. It’s through-the-looking-glass things.
      Regardess. Fact matters. Realities matter. And the next time you go to the restroom today, bear in mind that Donald Trump has simply stated something that isn’t really totally (or perhaps mainly) real.

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