Olympic crasher enters ice rink wearing a tutu and monkey over his junk

    Imagen: AFP/Getty Images

    The guys’s 1,000 m speed skating occasion at the Winter Olympics might have been the most risqu occasion in Pyeongchang yet, thanks to a nearly-naked male in a tutu with a monkey pouch covering his privates.

    Nope, this is not a joke.

    With the wordsPEACE +LOVEcomposed on his bare chest, a semi-nude streaker (rather perhaps the notorious Mark Roberts ) barreled down the seats of the place and onto the ice right after the males ended up completing on the ice. Thanks to this fuzzy video footage captured by @ mhj.kooij on Instagram, you can see him arrive on the rink, disrobe to a tutu and after that fail on his face.

    If it is Roberts, this is now among the numerous occasions he’s spotted. He’s bared everything in front of Super Bowl audiences and soccer video game guests for many years now, so the Olympics is truly simply all in a day’s work.

    “yo’ ve simply had this taste for doing insane things, mainly simply to make individuals laugh, Roberts informed The Guardian en 2015. “I enjoy to see individuals smile and laugh if I do something ridiculous or inform a joke whatever it might be.

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