Mark Zuckerberg: We do not sell data to advertisers

    While a number of us in the tech world recognize with Facebook’s organisation design, there is a typical mistaken belief amongst individuals that gathers details about you and after that offers that info to marketers.

    Zuckerberg desires everybody (particularly the United States Senate) to understand that’s not the case, and has actually laid forth the most easy example to discuss it.

    During his statement, the Facebook CEO clarified to Senator John Cornyn that Facebook does not offer information.

    There is a typical misunderstanding that we offer information to marketers, and we do not offer information to marketers. Exactly what we permit is for marketers to inform us who they wish to reach and after that we do the positioning. If a marketer comes to us and states, Alright, I’m a ski store and I desire to offer skis to ladies,’ then we may have some sense since individuals shared snowboarding associated material or stated they were interested in that. They shared whether they’re a female. And after that we can reveal the advertisements to the best individuals without that information ever going and altering hands to the marketer. That’s a really basic part of how our design works and something that is typically misinterpreted.

    Mientras, Una vez más, this might appear uncomplicated to a number of us, Zuckerberg discovered himself needing to describe more than when that Facebook does not offer information throughout his Senate statement.

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