tasa de homicidios de Londres supera a Nueva York

    Captura de imagen Two teens were stabbed to death in Camden on 20 febrero

    A spike in violent criminal activity in London saw more murders dedicated in the city in February and March than there remained in New York, figures reveal.

    So far in 2018, el has actually examined 46 murders, compared to 50 in the United States city.

    Pero, while New York’s murder rate reduced from completion of January, London’s increased significantly from that point.

    Ex-Met Police Ch Supt Leroy Logan states it is evidence thatLondon’s violent qualities have actually ended up being an infection”.

    Statistics from the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Metropolitan Police, reported in the Sunday Times and acquired by the , emphasize constricting murder rates in between the 2 cities, which have comparable population sizes.

    City Hall states it isdeeply worriedby knife criminal activity in the capital, sin embargo, in addition to the Met Police, firmly insists Londonstays among the best [cities] worldwide”.

    • In January, the Met examined 8 murders whereas the NYPD checked out 18 killings
    • By February, the NYPD’s figures had actually dropped to 11, while London’s increased to 15
    • En marzo, 22 murders were examined in London while 21 questions were introduced in New York

    The Met stated it wasworried at the boost in murders in London”.

    One murder is one a lot of, and we are striving with our partners to comprehend the boost and exactly what we can all do to avoid these disasters from taking place in the very first location,” un portavoz declaró.

    sin embargo, it is a murder rate that has actually left Mr Logan sensationdefinitely ravaged”.

    Croydon Central MP
    Captura de imagen Former Ch Supt Leroy Logan retired from the Met Police in 2013 after 30 años’ service

    I can not comprehend how things have actually left hand,” él afirmó.

    We have actually seen the infection of violence dispersing. It is endemic in a lot of various parts of societies.

    It can just be handled in a holistic way, due to the fact that it is so holistic in its effect.

    Police cannot simply stop or jail and browse their escape of this issue; it needs to be performed in collaboration with the neighborhoods.

    federal government

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    epígrafe medios Youth club leader explains anincreasing level of violenceamongst teens.

    The Met Police has actually introduced 44 murder examinations in 2018, 31 which have actually been as an outcome of stabbings.

    The deaths of 47-year-old Laura Cecilia Navarrete De Figueira, from Twickenham, and her boys Claudio, 10, and Joaquin , 7, belong to the very same Met Police murder examination. She was discovered stabbed in London, while the kids were found dead, together with their dad, at the foot of Birling Gap, in Sussex.

    , who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on knife criminal activity, informed the BBC’s Today program that London might gain from New York in the best ways to minimize violent criminal activity.

    Jacob Sacks-Jones los derechos de autor de imagen
    Captura de imagen Sarah Jones statesLondon has to deal with violent criminal activity like an illness

    New York has actually had the ability to reduce severe violence through a public health technique,” afirmó.

    We require a correct method that takes a look at all the concerns.

    Knife criminal offense and violent criminal activity imitates an epidemic, so you have to enter at the source to suffice off and after that you have to inoculate the future youths versus it.

    Going in at source implies significant intervention deal with youth employees, inoculating implies entering into schools, altering the social standards, informing kids, teaching them exactly what it is to be a male, teaching them how they do not have to bring knives.

    Laura Cecilia Navarrete De Figueira los derechos de autor de imagen Pensilvania
    Captura de imagen The Met has actually examined 46 murders in 2018 – cual 31 were stabbings

    In February, the Met’s Cressida Dick checked out authorities in Glasgow to find out about a public health method which has actually seen murder rates in Scotland drop considerably .

    There are prepare for Ms Dick to perform morefact-finding journeys”, in New York and with the West Midlands, Durham and Avon &&Somerset forces.

    mientras tanto, el tiene introduced a £ 1.35 m project focused on 10 to 21-year-olds.

    The adverts to encounter digital channels and include stories of teens who have actually been stabbed.

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