Ken Jeong Stops Mid-Standup Set To Save Woman Suffering Seizure In The Audience!

    Thank goodness for Dr. Ken!

    Ken Jeong , the one-time medical professional who has actually because taken control of as a star and comic in motion pictures like The Hangover y Knocked Up amongst numerous other looks, however it was throughout a set on Saturday night in Phoenix that his medical training needed to can be found in useful!

    De acuerdo a TMZ, Jeong was doing a funny set at Stand Up Live When a lady in the 3rd row started experiencing a seizure, last night.

    As quickly as Ken understood exactly what was going on, él hopped off the phase and hurried to the female’s help!

    Sources report that he went to and cleared the location to the lady up till paramedics showed up; an audience member who was an EMT likewise assisted, inning accordance with reports.

    He then stuck with the lady up until the ambulance got here, at which point paramedics had the ability to take her to the healthcare facility, and the doctor-turned-comedian had the ability to resume his program.

    What a night!!!

    Thankful there was a medical professional in your home to assist out!!

    [Imagen por medio de NBC ]

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