Just a photo of Mark Zuckerberg as Data from ‘Star Trek

    This week on the web, we’ve jointly ripped Mark Zuckerberg as he tries to conserve Facebook from public examination by the U.S. Gobierno federal.

    Zuck’s two-day stint affirming in front of Congress today after the Cambridge Analytica information scandal has frustrating controlled the tech news cycle. Naturalmente, there were loads of memes.

    While robotic Mark Zuckerborg has actually constantly been a popular joke amongst the Zuckmemes neighborhood , a typical style that emerged throughout his testament Tuesday was that he looked a dreadful lot like Data from Star Trek. Tú entiendes, the android.

    But redditor EvanOfTheYukon took things up a notch when he Photoshopped an image of Zuckerberg as Data, y, bien, it’s quite incredible.

    Enjoy never ever getting this from your head.

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