Jimmy Kimmel le preguntó a un Estúpidamente simple pregunta Geografía, Y estas personas se las arregló para fallar

    have a credibility abroad for being rather insular, which is putting it kindly. Possibly its an absence of interest, or simply being informed over and over that the USA isextraordinary, ’ however for some factor there is simply a stunning absence of understanding about the world as an entire, and absolutely nothing much better shows that than Jimmy Kimmel asking individuals to call a nation on the world map.

    Now its not a particular nation Kimmel was asking these residents to recognize. They werent being asked to choose Sao Tome e Principe on the map. They were asked to recognize any nation, anywhere, choose from all 193 de ellos. Some needed to be advised that Africa is a continent, while others couldnt even discover the United States. One person believed that Alaska was Greenland. Eso’ s actually your very own nation guy!

    Por suerte, one young kid existed to conserve the day and advise us that there are still individuals out there with the desire and capability to get in touch with the world around them. He appeared the grownups by rattling off the names and areas of a range of countries.

    So exactly what? You might believe, eso’ s simply location. For many individuals nevertheless this is no laughing matter. As the U.S applies its political and military impact on the world, residents in whose name it claims to act have no idea about exactly what and where things are going on. Eso’ s quite frightening really. Desplazarse hacia abajo se enumeran a continuación para examinarlo por su cuenta, and check out! Wonder! Discover the appeal of the world we reside in!

    Jimmy Kimmel asked one easy concern to individuals on the streets of L.A

    But it ended up being way harder than anticipated

    Watch the amusing video listed below

    aquí’ s how individuals responded

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