Jax Taylor Según se informa engañado a Bretaña Cartwright con un ‘VPR’ Miembro del elenco


    In not-shocking-but-still-disappointing news, I’ve acquired 10 pounds because Thanksgiving Jax Taylor supposedly cheated on Brittany Cartwright . I’ll take this minute to stop briefly while all of us handle our shock and wonder. Psych! I’ve got a bridge I ‘d like to offer you if you’re stunned that Jax would apparently cheat on his sweetheart.

    Here’s the juicy part, aunque: Jax apparently cheated with another SURver and previous castmate. Keep in mind Faith? Lala’s pal who, at one point, had like, silver hair I believe? Me either, however it was allegedly her. reported that in a clip from the best, Faith declares she and Jax made love. O, more properly, in the clip Tom Sandoval is seen informing the group that Faith informed him that she and Jax made love. He apparently drops this bomb while they’re all out commemorating Scheana’s birthday. At this time I ‘d like to chime in with a have not you individuals ever become aware of closing the goddamn door doing things at the suitable time and location so as not to destroy somebody’s birthday, even if that somebody is Scheana? No? Bueno, I’ll simply go fuck myself then. Mahalo.

    I’m simply stating, sin embargo, I ‘d get mad if somebody’s relationship drama destroyed my birthday. And no, I’m not covertly Stassi.

    The news spreads around the celebration due to the fact that duh, and Jax emphatically rejects any misdeed to Kristen. Kristen does not purchase it. It looks like this entire Did-Jax-Cheat-Or-Didn’t-He (he did) may be the driving force of the entire season. And it sheds brand-new light on this current tweet from Kristen:


    Bueno, it appears quite clear now that this is exactly what Kristen was describing. At the time, I was quite perplexednow I presume that Kristen did a few of her common Doute digging and is going to expose Jax. Is she going to bring Faith into the dining establishment while Jax is working and require him to face her? Most likely, sí. That’s like, Kristen’s primary relocation. Unless she takes Faith’s phone and texts Jax pretending to be her. What can I state, this woman’s got a great deal of dubious techniques in her collection. I’m quite thrilled that Crazy Kristen is back, and I cannot wait to discover the type of shit she stimulates.

    I type of feel bad for Brittany, however I likewise do not. Anybody with half a brain (asi que … not Brittany) who’s ever seen 2 seconds of any episode of understands that unfaithful is Jax’s M.O. también, she secured free boobs and the IG deal with @brittany from this offer. I’m sure she’ll be simply great.

    premieres Monday, December 4th, and you finest think we’ll be summarizing it.

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