Japan leaves touching thank you note and a spotless locker room after World Cup loss

    If the World Cup was figured out strictly on the basis of sportsmanship, ’s group would win this thing no concern.

    Tristemente, sin embargo, that’s not how it goesas Japan understands all too well. Their guys group lost Monday’s knock-out round contest to Belgium at practically the last possible minute, after holding a two-goal lead.

    That didn’t stop them from carrying out the supreme class act. After warming the world’s hearts by staying on the pitch to offer thanks to their devoted fan base in spite of the painful loss, Team Japan took things next level as evidenced by the listed below image, supposedly shared by a FIFA authorities.

    That’s Japan’s locker space and, sí, it’s pristine. Simply as their fans hung back after matches to tidy arenas, Team Japan tidied up their locker space too.

    And that note, left by the group, checks out “Gracias” in Russian.

    If just the remainder of the world might take a note from Japan’s World Cup contingent, than possibly the world would be a brighter, friendlier, and cleaner location.

    Good on you, lads.

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