Jake Tapper Says McCain Not Wanting Trump At Funeral Is ‘A Real Moment For The Country

    Journalist and “State of the Unionhost Jake Tapper said that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) not wanting Donald Trump at his funeral is a “real moment for the country.

    During Sunday’s broadcast of “Unionon CNN, Tapper paused to talk about a recent report in that McCain, 81, is making plans for the future as he fights aggressive brain .

    According to the report, McCain’sintimates have informed the White House that they plan to allow Mike Pence to attend McCain’s future funeral, but not President Trump.

    “I want to change the subject for one second,” Tapper said on Sunday night. “This has been reported now in and elsewhere. The plan would be to have Mike Pence be the one to honor Senator McCain in hopefully long, long, long from now event of his demise. This is a real moment for the country where an American hero, somebody beloved in many, many ways is saying, ‘I don’t want this guy at my funeral.’


    Bloomberg via
    Senator John McCain in November 2017.

    Tapper also addressed McCain directly, saying that he’s “rootingfor the ailing “hero.Along with serving as a senator since 1987, McCain is a Vietnam war veteran and was the 2008 Republican presidential candidate.

    En 2015, Triunfo dismissed McCain’s experiences as a prisoner of war, saying he likes “people who weren’t captured.Over the weekend, the president calledthe senator’s vote against health care reform “a bad voteand “not a nice thingin a habla to the NRA.

    The discourse continued on “State of the Unionafter Tapper’s comment. Rep. Gregory Meeks(D-N.Y.said that he wasn’t particularly surprised by McCain’s feelings about Trump because the senator, Meeks saidis not a hypocrite.

    “Senator McCain is known for being honest, just the opposite of Donald Trump, and frank. When someone would come up with something negative about President , he corrected them,” said Meeks.

    “And so, I wouldn’t expect anything to be different for Mr. McCain, su. McCain, ahora. He is not going to be a hypocrite. He does not believe that Donald Trump represents the kind of moral authority that the president of the should represent for our country and the rest of the worldIt would be a mischaracterization of who he is.

    Those sentiments were backed by “Unfilteredhost S.E. Cupp who said that McCain is “not a sellout,” later adding, “Senator McCain is everything that President Trump is not.

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