Grandmother in Texas rescued by hero on a jet ski


    The ongoing disaster in Texas, like all disasters, has also spawned its share of heroes and inspirational stories.

    Like this who was able to flag down a passing ’s car (which happened to be towing a boat) in time to save the life of a .

    Now a new hero has emerged. The best possible kind of hero: one on a jet ski.

    usuario de RedditWebborwebbor posted this picture of his friend’s grandmother being rescued, and it’s one of the most heartwarming images to emerge following Hurricane Harvey. (los has reached out to Webborwebbor to learn more about the context of the photo and will update if and when they respond.)

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    Even though what looks to be a beautiful home is flooded, both the grandmother and the man rescuing her have smiles on their faces. That’s the power that kindness has in the face of tragedy.

    Commenter 1-800-CAT-LADY seemed to sum up what so many people in are feeling.

    Houstonian here. I think at this point, a lot of us are tired of being sad and angry. Fuck it, rain won’t stop, but we got to move forward. And there’s something so amazing about seeing strangers and communities coming together to help one another. Through all of this shit, there are still things that can make you smile. Stay safe, y’all.

    If humans can just keep caring about other humans, we might just be OK after all.

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