Sábado tweet de Donald Trump sobre la inmigración es una mentira descarada


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    We’re all fed up with tweeted more BS” cuentos, however the lie he dropped on Saturday is excessive of a doozy to overlook.

    I never ever pressed the Republicans in your home to choose the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 o 2, since it might never ever have actually gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote limit,” Trump tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

    aquí. See it on your own. His own words, from his own tweet.

    For those who require a refresher: The migration expenses Trump describes were penned by Bob Goodlatte, the Republican agent commanding Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. Both costs were indicated to offer a legal repair for the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance migration policy.

    Desafortunadamente, instead of resolving the particular issue of migrant households being torn apart, el 2 expenses included a variety of other immigration-related policies. The very first expense, considered as the one filled with more of a conservative, hard-line method to migration, was beat on June 21 in a 193-to-231 vote.

    The 2nd expense, Goodlatte 2, was considered as more of a compromise. It was still a conservative piece of legislationDemocrats weren’t consisted of while doing sohowever it wasn’t as hard-line. Compromise or not, that 2nd costs suffered an even higher defeat after a 121-to-301 vote recently.

    Here’s how all that ties back to today’s tweet.

    Shortly prior to that 2nd vote happenedthe day of, en verdad — Trump weighed in on his preferred social networks platform. His all-caps missive highly, clearly motivated the GOP topassGoodlatte 2 and send it along to the Senate (where it was anticipated to be beat anyhow due to the slim Republican bulk there).

    Ahora. I’m no English language specialistapproved, it’s been the focus of my profession for the previous 15 años, lo que sea — however it appears to me thatHOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION BILLin fact does count as Trump havingpressed the Republicans in your house to choose the Immigration Bill.

    Right now, hoy, he’s declaring he didn’t do the important things. If you scroll down in his feed to simply 3 días anteriores, you can clearly see he really did do the important things.

    The existing President of the United States is an unrepentant phony, and he does not even attempt to conceal it any longer. I’m going to duplicate myself, and I do not care: On Wednesday, he clearly and absolutely motivated Republicans to choose Goodlatte 2. Now he’s declaring that never ever occurred. WTF. When you look at the huge image of the travesties being checked out upon the American public each day, #SIGA

    This might be little potatoes things. Holy shit. 2 diametrically opposed declarations provided simply days apart. There’s no quantity of spin that can be used to the earlier tweet to make this brand-new one anything besides a bald-faced lie.

    As you may anticipate, folks on social networks took notification.

    The male is a phony. Donald Trump is a phony. He lies. He lies all the time. Today’s tweet is a lie. It’s not the most offending lie he’s said, though in the grand pantheon of unforgettable Donald Trump lies this specific lie is an insult to every citizen in America, despite their political association.

    Say it over and over. Always remember it, do not stop calling it out when you see it. Trump is not going to alter, however the more that citizens internalize minutes like, the most likely it is that modification will come when all of us get our state this fall, and after that once again in 2020.

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