Diva Mommy! Mariah Carey Elbows Son Out Of Shot As She Shares Birthday Video With Fans!

    We’ve all heard stories of the queen shenanigans of the Elusive Chanteuse.

    But we’ve never ever become aware of Mariah Carey big-timing dem children like this!

    Mimi shared an Instagram historia of her wonderful Disneyland birthday celebration, wanting herself aHappy Anniversary, Darlingto the cam.

    fotos: Mariah’s Most Diva-licious Moments

    As Mariah blows out the candle lights on her princess cake, Moroccan leans in for a kiss however alas, REJECTED as Mariah pushes him away with her elbow!

    Completely carefully, clearly, and Roc didn’t appear the smallest bit rocked however the lesson is clear; do not get in between Mariah and her cam! Kisses later on, beloved!

    See the video thanks to DailyMail.com PLUS more of her bday snaps (se enumeran a continuación)!

    Anniversary events at the most joyful put on earth!