Can you solve it? Are you smarter than an architect?

    A puzzle that checks 3D thinking

    Hi drinkers,

    Todays puzzle was sent out in by a reader who remembers it from his days as an architecture trainee.

    Draw a 3-dimensional image of a shape that goes through each of these holes, precisely touching all sides as it travels through.

    A triangle with sides 1 system. A square with sides 1 system. A circle with size 1 system.

    Architects will certainly discover the response apparent. The heads of the rest people will look rather like your home in the image above, given that it needs you to imagine an item in 3 measurements, which is a difficulty if your brain isn’t really trained to do it.

    If you wish to email me your response, or publish it on Twitter with the hashtag #MondayPuzzle, Ill send out the author of my preferred image a copy of my puzzle book Can You Solve My Problems?

    Ill be back at 5pm UK time with the option.

    I set a puzzle here every 2 semanas on a Monday. Send me your e-mail if you desire me to notify you each time I publish a brand-new one. Im constantly on the look-out for fantastic puzzles. If you want to recommend one, e-mail me .

    My puzzle book Can You Solve My Problems? is simply out in paperback.

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