Podemos arreglarlo? La guerra cafés de reparación de librar en la cultura de usar y tirar

    When repairing products is actively dissuaded by producers, ends up being a political act, state Repair Cafe volunteers

    UN vacuum, a hair straightener, a laptop computer, Christmas lights, an e-reader, a mixer, a kettle, 2 bags, a set of denims, a remote-control helicopter, a spoon, a dining-room chair, a light and hair clippers. All broken.

    It seems like a stack of things that you ‘d stick in boxes and require to the idea. It’s a list of things healed in a single afternoon by British volunteers identified to get individuals to stop tossing things away.

    This is the Reading Repair Cafe, part of a growing global network targeted at challenging a world of things, of soft goods cluttering dumps in west Africa and garbage swilling through the oceans in substantial vortexes.

    The hair clippers come from William, who does not wish to provide his surname however cheerfully explains himself asmechanically inexperienced”. He has actually owned them for 25 años, however Ten Years ago they quit working and they have actually been sitting unused in his cabinet since.

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    Repair coffee shop volunteer Stuart Ward states that when repairing products is actively dissuaded by producers, repair work ends up being a political act. He is vehement about theideal to fix”, a motion opposed to the practices of business like the equipment business John Deere, cual, under copyright laws, does not enable individuals to repair their own devices or take them to independent repairers.

    You own your devices, you’re enabled to take a screwdriver to it and have fun with it,” he states.It’s something basic.

    Teaching individuals the best ways to repair their own equipment is at the heart of the Edinburgh Remakery, a shop on the primary street of Leith that is part service center, part pre-owned shop, part repair work education centre.

    We do the repair work in front of a consumer, not out in the back, not concealed,”states Sotiris Katsimbas, the lead IT specialist at the Remakery. To do this, Katsimbas and his group conduct one-to-one IT fix consultations for a little cost, as do their coworkers who specialise in sewing and furnishings repair work.

    It’s a matter of self-confidence. It’s not magic. Somebody put it together, somebody can take it apart, you just require a Phillips screwdriver and some understanding,”states Katsimbas as he reveals Daniel Turner the best ways to open his laptop computer so he can clear out the fluff and dust that is triggering the device to get too hot.

    Since it opened in 2012, the Remakery has actually diverted 205 tonnes of waste that would have wound up in garbage dump. The Remakery is special in that, unlike much of the repair work motion, which is volunteer-led, it is a feasible service, using 11 personnel and 10 freelancers. En 2015 the store had an earnings of 236,000– 30%from grants, 70%created through sales of furnishings and electronic devices, workshops and repair work visits.

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    Fix it

    If you wish to find out ways to repair your electronic devices, the Restart Project runs occasions to teach individuals, you can see where their occasions are aquí .

    Borrow it

    If you wish to repair something round your house, however do not have the tools you require and cannot pay for to purchase them for a one-off task, you can discover a regional tool library where you can employ exactly what you require.

    Read it

    Michelle McGagh invested a year without purchasing brand-new things, which included a reasonable quantity of repairing in addition to going without, her experiences produce remarkable reading .

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    The monetary practicality of the store makes it appealing as a design. In the in 2015, Sophie Unwin, the co-founder of the Remakery in Brixton and the creator of Edinburgh Remakery is establishing the Remakery network to reproduce the work globally.

    She has actually had 53 questions from groups thinking about establishing comparable business in the United States, New Zealand, Canadá, Corea del Sur, Austria, Irlanda, Germany, Australia and somewhere else in the UK.

    The network will offer toolkits and guidance to groups who desire

    to recreate exactly what she has actually carried out in Edinburgh. Unwin hopes that these resources will enable other groups to do in 2 años


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