Black Sarcophagus Unearthed In EgyptAnd It’s Still Sealed

    An ancient sarcophagus made from black granite was revealed just recently in the Sidi Gaber district of , , inning accordance with report.

    Because the cover was sealed with mortar, professionals think the casket has actually not been opened in 2,000 años, Smithsonian Magazine fijado. Since looters have actually selected through a wide variety of burial places and burial chambers over the centuries, that is uncommon.

    The size of the sarcophagus is of specific significance, Science Alert fijado. It determines 72.8 inches by 104.3 inches by 65 inches and is the biggest casket ever discovered in Alexandria.


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    An ancient burial place dating to the Ptolemaic duration in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria, Egypt.

    The burial place, which is thought to this day to the Ptolemaic duration, aproximadamente 305 a 30 B.C., was discovered about 16 feet listed below ground throughout historical excavations ahead of building of a brand-new structure, fijado. Discovered near the burial place was a used alabaster bust, maybe a representation of the guy whose body was buried in the casket. The identity of the body is unidentified.

    Alexandria, established by , had actually been overlooked by archaeologists for years due to the fact that a city of 5 million individuals had actually been built over the ruins, of Smithsonian stated. Just recently more effort has actually been made to discover and maintain antiquities there.

    Alexander the Great

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    An alabaster head discovered near the sarcophagus is thought to be a representation of the owner of the burial place.