Bill Cosby encontrado culpable!

    ACTUALIZAR 2:35 P.M. ES: Reports are now can be found in that Cosby freaked out in the courtroom quickly after the decision read.

    After sitting silently the remainder of the procedures, Cosby stood andappearedwhen district attorney Kevin Steele asked that his bail be withdrawed, stating he was a flight threat. Cosby is priced quote as shouting:

    Doesn’t matter that I have an airplane, Estúpido!

    I’m ill of him!”

    The judge ruled Cosby will stay complimentary pending sentencing. He may as well get all his yelling out now.

    Bill Cosby guilty!

    After years of evasion, the disgraced comic is lastly dealing with justice, as the jury in his rape retrial returned with a decision of guilty on ALL COUNTS.

    Cosby was accuseded of 3 counts of exacerbated indecent attack versus Andrea Constand based upon her claim he drugged and raped her en 2004.

    The 80-year-old is possibly dealing with a sentence identical to life in jail 10 years for each charge.

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    If anything this appears like he’s leaving light; Cosby has actually been implicated by lots of ladies, 5 of whom took the stand throughout the trial to reveal the star’s pattern of habits.

    Jurors supposedly returned after a couple of hours to request for the legal meaning ofapproval”; the judge informed them just to utilize theirgood sense.” Sí. Unconscious individuals can not provide authorization. Not too hard.

    Thankfully they appear to have actually made the ideal call. Exactly what do YOU think about this decision?

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