Bernie Sanders anuncia que buscará la reelección

    Washington (CNN)Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders revealed Monday he will look for re-election this year, with an official kickoff in June as he angles for a 3rd term.

    Following his eventually not successful however insurgent quote to catch the 2016 Democratic governmental election, Sanders has actually utilized his increased impact to promote his favored policies and argue in favor of improving the Democratic Party in a more progressive instructions, clearly opposed to business impact and interests.
    In his declaration, Sanders noted off a variety of concerns he has actually openly promoted, consisting of a nationwide base pay of $15 an hour, un “Medicare for all single payer programand totally free tuition at public colleges.
        Sanders, an independent senator who caucuses with the Democrats, won his quote for Senate in 2006 and re-election in 2012 by frustrating margins, inning accordance with the Vermont secretary of state’s election archive.
        Sanders, 76, was called to a management position amongst Senate Democrats after the celebration’s losses in the 2016 election.

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