Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Months And It Turns Into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece

    For her job entitled Salt Bride, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau chose to immerse a black dress in the Dead Sea. The dress invested 2 months in the salt-rich waters in 2014, and as you can see from these spectacular images, completion outcome is absolutely nothing except wonderful.

    The task is an eight-part picture series influenced by ’ s 1916 play entitled . The play has to do with a young Hasidic female who ends up being had by the spirit of her dead fan, and Landaus salt-encrusted dress is a reproduction of the one used in the significant production of the 1920s.

    Landau looked at the black dress numerous times in order to catch the steady procedure of salt crystalisation that you can see in the photos listed below. You can likewise see them at Londons Marlborough Contemporary, where theyll be on display screen till September 3rd.

    ACTUALIZAR: An earlier variation of this post stated that the dress had actually been immersed for 2 años, no 2 meses. Sorry for the error.