91-year-old man beaten with brick, told ‘go back to Mexico

    4th of July

    (CNN)Tears sparkled on the purple and black contusions covering 91-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez’s face as he explained being assaulted by a group of individuals while opting for a walk on the Fourth of July.

    He’ll be turning 92 in September, Rodriguez stated, and he’s never ever been injured like this prior to, in a life working the fields with livestock and corn.
    He had actually taken a trip from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his household in Willowbrook, California, a city in Los Angeles County, his grand son Erik Mendoza stated.
        He makes the journey about two times a year, and walks through the community every day after lunch, Mendoza stated. “Everyone in the area understands him currently,” él afirmó.
        Rodriguez stated he was strolling to a close-by park on Wednesday when he passed a female and a little lady. Without caution, the lady attacked him, él afirmó, striking him with a cinder block and getting a group of males to take part beating him.
        I didn’t even run into her kid,” Rodriguez stated. “I simply passed her and she pressed me and she struck me till she was done.
        Police are trying to finda female suspect and 3 a 4 male suspectsin the attack, the LA County Sheriff’s Department stated in a declaration Monday night.
        Authorities have no idea at this time if any weapons were utilized or exactly what the intention may have been, the declaration stated.
        We are worried, particularly with the kind of criminal activity they dedicated,” Sheriff’s Deputy D’Angelo Robinson informed CNN affiliate KTLA . “There was exactly what seems a 4-year-old kid there who experienced the whole thing. We cannot have these type of individuals like that out in the streets.
        Misbel Borjas was driving by when she saw the lady striking Rodriguez consistently in the head with a cinder block, afirmó.
        I heard her stating, return to your nation, return to Mexico,” she informed CNN by phone. “When I attempted to video her with my cellular phone, she tossed that exact same cinder block, aimed to strike my automobile.
        A Sheriff’s Department spokesperson stated Tuesday that cops are searching for a lady seen holding a brick in a picture taken by Borjas. They did not state the female in the image is a suspect.
        Rodriguez stated he does not keep in mind when his aggressor got the cinder block, however he keeps in mind being struck consistently. At one point, el afirma, the female added to a group of guys close by and informed them Rodriguez was attempting to take her child far from herso the males joined her and began kicking him as he lay bleeding on the walkway, Rodriguez stated.
        But that’s not real,” él afirmó, through tears. “In the years I have actually lived I have actually never ever angered anybody.
        Mendoza stated his grandpa suffered a damaged jaw, damaged cheekbones, 2 damaged ribs and contusions on his face, back and abdominal area. He invested 5 o 6 hours in the health center, él afirmó.
        The household has actually begun a GoFundMe project to assist cover Rodriguez’s medical expenses.
        As his grandpa relaxeded in a reclining chair at the household house, using a white T-shirt and blue plaid pajamas, Mendoza kissed him on among the couple of locations he had not been hurt: the top of his head.
        We believe we have a concept (on who the suspects are) however I simply desire cops to discover them,” Mendoza stated. “That’s all our household desires, justice for our grandfather.

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